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This is our links page. New links are listed here, then incorporated into the Links Web format. Enjoy!

Category Link Description
Art PeterMax This is an interesting site, more 60's stuff and...
Computer FontFreak Looking for some new fonts, look no more!
Computer Bandwidth Speed Test Find out how fast your connection is.
Computer SCSI stuff SCSI drives (and IDE too) as well as connectors and cases.
Food & Drink Empire Tea & Coffee Been getting my coffee and tea here for years. Good people!
Food & Drink North Coast Coffee Order coffee online.
Music setlist.com Set lists for lots of bands. Check here first.
Other Cow Tipping Give it a try.
Other Dumb Laws A listing of dumb laws. Nice site.
Other Duct Tape Guys You know duck tape.
Other Genetic Savings & Clone I don't make this stuff up, just find it.
Other Squirrels Squirrels, the rats with bushy tails.
Science How Stuff Works This is your refference to how stuff works.
Science Stone Pages Your refference to ancient standing stones, with pictures.

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